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We have been using CleanFire for the last two construction seasons. We have treated over 200,000 gallons with Clean Fire. We performed field tests with straight fuel, Clean Fire, and another additive during the 1st season. Clean Fire improved fuel economy in all of our tests. The other product performed worse than straight fuel. We have since then repeatedly tested Clean Fire against straight fuel and the results were the same, improved fuel economy with Clean Fire. In our latest test in November 2008, we ran a MT865B Cat Challenger with twin Noble 17CY scraper pans. The machine has a 510 HP Cat C18 ACERT Tier 3 engine. The machine has an onboard computer system that records fuel consumption and load along with other technical information. The machine had the same operator and the same working conditions throughout the test. With straight #2 off-road diesel the machine used 18.35 gallons/hour. With Clean Fire added to the same fuel the machine used 16.23 gallons/hour. Your additive improves economy period! We use Clean Fire exclusively for winter protection anti-gel. We are located in northeast Nebraska. We do not buy #1 fuel, only straight #2. On December 22, 2008 we started up two pickups (2006 and 2007 Chevy Duramax Diesel) that had #2 and Clean Fire in the tanks and were left outside in the open. The air temperature was -16 degrees below zero. The pickups both started fine, idled until warmed up, and ran down the road without any problems. 

Pruss Excavation - Nebraska

We put the CleanFire diesel additive in four trucks.  Two of the trucks, we put the CleanFire diesel additive in immediately, the following month we ran without the Cleanfire diesel additive.  The other two trucks, we did the opposite, tracking the fuel economy in all of these trucks to establish a baseline of fuel economy.  This took into consideration any seasonal related impacts to the analysis.  Overall, the average fuel consumption reduction for the CleanFire diesel additive was 3.6%

Scott - South Dakota

I’'ve been using CleanFire for the last 10,000 miles in my 2007 Dodge Ram Cummins and I’'ve had great results with it. 

First, I have not had one drop of water purged from the fuel filter since I started using Clean Fire, where before I would always have some amount of water when I would periodically drain it. My engine runs noticeably smoother than before, and I’ve seen about a 2mpg increase in fuel mileage. I plan on running up at least 500,000 miles on this truck, and I’m convinced Clean Fire is a premium additive that will get me there.

Seth - Florida

As an OTR driver Clean Fire has provided the best performance.   I also use this product  with my personal equipment.   Now a retired OTR drive I continue to use this product.  I recently overhauled a pay loader engine that I have been using Clean Fire with since purchased and it is amazing how clean the pistons and injectors are;  they appear almost new.  Clean Fire is the reason for the longevity of this equipment in keeping it properly lubricated and running strong.

Glen  - Carthage, Missouri

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