​CleanFire is a highly concentrated multi-functional fuel additive.


Cetane Package

Boost Cetane up to 6 numbers - engines start easier & faster

Increase power

Improved fuel economy

Smoother running engine (no more "diesel knock")

More complete fuel combustion

Reduce emissions and black exhaust smoke

Anti-Gel Package

Strong anti-gel for winter protection

Reduce Cold-Filter Plug Point (CFFP) by

      15°F with single dose

Reduce the amount of #1 diesel needed in

      cold weather



Detergent Package

Cleans injectors & valves

Cleans tanks & fuel lines

Lowers regeneration occurrences

Stabilizer Package

Disperses water to 1 micron
(safe size for all engines)

Inhibits Algae Growth

Extend fuel storage life



All Diesel Engines

Safe for use in all diesel engines and reefer units.  Will not void engine manufacturers warranty.


Lubrication Package

Lubricates fuel delivery system
(pump, injectors, top piston ring)

Reduces wear caused by
Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD)


Made in the USA

Clean Fire Distributing, LLC   Proudly created with

Clean Fire vs. Competition

The choice is clear when you look at the costs and the benefits gained.